Oxford Brewing Company
Oxford, Mississippi

  " Crafting Beer for the South's New Generation of Beer Connoisseur "

Our Beer

In Mississippi beer has always been "Just Beer".  Beer was either Budweiser, Bud Light or Miller Lite and most people never strayed far from what they have always known.

Our approach is to educate the beer lover and teach them the "Hop Scale of Flavor" in craft beer vs. the mild watered down flavor of "Just Beer".

Sorority Blonde:
Sorority Blonde is our 1st level beer on the "Hop Scale of Flavor".
Sorority Blonde has the color similar to "Just Beer" with a smooth finish and no bitter after taste. A slight sweetness can be noted on the palate as well as on the nose. Sorority Blonde is an easy drinking ale that introduces the drinker to craft beer flavor with a moderate alcohol content of around 5%. 
"Sorority Blonde is a like a Southern woman, easy on the eyes and sweet on the lips!"

MPA no.8:
Mississippi Pale Ale no.8 is the competition winner that our company was founded on.
MPA no.8 is a level 2.5 on the "Hop Scale of Flavor". This beer has a smooth drinkability with a well balanced flavor of hops that are added late in the brew process. This pale ale is for the avid pale ale drinker that is transitioning into the IPA category. IPA's are known for their "Hopiness" and MPA no.8 can please either category with this great tasting pale ale!

Oxtoberfest 2013:
Oxtoberfest will be our first seasonal beer coming in early September! A twist on the tradtional recipe, this "Octoberfest" style beer will be unique to our Southern way of drinking! Rich with the
flavors of fall and brewed in the style of a classic ale, it will definately become your new fall tradition!

Bourbon Oak Porter:
In Oxford, Mississippi there are only two drinks to choose from at any time of the year, beer and whiskey! Our traditional style porter will spend a relaxing vacation nestled in old bourbon barrels until they have completed their unique task of flavor infusion. At just the right time this rich bourbon flavored beer will be bottled and distributed to only a select few locations in the state.

Sore Richard IPA:
"It can't be beat!" Details Coming Soon!!

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